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About Luke McKay

I've been working as a full time professional artist since 2006. For five years I created three full color comics a week for RoosterTeeth, drawing everything from popular video games to current events. I publish work regularly with RoosterTeeth and Button Mash Productions as well as steady freelance work, mostly for personal web use.

I have always enjoyed art and drawing but I started studying and practicing daily since early 2000. My education background is in Sciences, Health and Safety, and Nursing. I've put countless hours into the use and study of Adobe Creative Suite for art and publishing. I have also put extensive time into self study of traditional art, most notably in tattoo design and Chinese Zen painting. I primarily do cartoons in my signature style, though I can create high-quality artwork in any number of styles to suit the client and the job at hand.

I have a passion for video games and a lot of my art stems from that influence. It was some of my fan art of images from Halo that landed me some of my first commissioned art and continues to be a popular request to incorporate into many of the portraits I do.