my reflection about modular learning

I like this site because a teacher can take data from anything and turn it into a graph. Reflection about the learning modules and simulation Chapter 8 This module was very Informative. To talk about one without the other implies that they are unrelated. Citing sources on class materials would show students how to properly cite materials in actual situations. Teaching remotely also made me look at my own content with fresh eyes. Depending on the time limit, completing the activity in one class period would keep things fast-paced, but what would the students do during the two-thirds of the class when they are not writing? I did not teach long enough to see it as a teacher, but as a student I saw the bond that grew between students and their music teachers over the years, and it can be a pretty neat thing. Most of the information on this site I have already learned through experience. My administrators were always talking about integrating disciplines, and I am sure this unit would have made them happy. The Boxtops site is a good reminder of an easy way we can raise money for our schools. Most of my classes are band and choir, but I would have the opportunity to play with integration in my music appreciation class. This web site was intriguing and something I bookmarked to look over more closely later. Students will import CD tracks and mix them into the multi-track session to create an audio history of the famous musician. It argues that diverse student groups of Reflective learning can be beneficial in various ways and in various contexts, so its often worthwhile to engage in it. We have all been through (at least) two major historical ruptures together: a pandemic and a reckoning on racial inequality. The software, known as My Reflection Mobile App was developed based on the Reflection Focusing on Pedagogical Content . This will bring you success in your academic, This stress is sometimes carried over as we wait for our pending exam scores. Reflective learning involves actively monitoring and assessing your knowledge, abilities, and performance during the learning process, in order to improve the process and its associated outcomes. I never really considered analyzing web sites a skill before. There are advantages and disadvantages to individual reflection and shared reflection, as well as to the various forms of shared reflection. I do not like that it doesnt give the correct answer and this may be frustrating for some students. I found the article by typing the phrase, pros of word processing into a Bing search engine.This information makes sense and should not be a surprise. Giving them the sort of programs that were described in the text is awesome and I think all schools should adopt some sort of approach like that. Overall, there is no clear distinction between reflective practice and reflective learning, and these terms are sometimes used interchangeably. For example, you can give students a worksheet a day after an important exam, which has questions that guide them through the reflective-learning process. These publications would range from discipline in the classroom to effective teaching strategies to music specific strategies. Looking at the web site address and if there is an author listed is the first thing someone should do when visiting a site. Reflection about learning modular in new normal? When you send it in, let me know if I can use your real name if its selected or if youd prefer remaining anonymous and have a pseudonym in mind. This virus site was very informational about the different kinds of computer viruses. At the beginning of the class I thought that I am keen on technology since I am in the Generation Y (GEN Y). Amid the push for student-driven learning in past years, I have shied away from the stand-and-deliver lecture, but the success of my 15-minute lesson made me realize that more traditional teaching styles still have merit. How do I know that I understand this material well? This would give them a better understanding of how graphs work. Its much more relaxed now, and I must say, its rather enjoyable. You can see Part One here.). These tools were great because we already have many of them, and I didnt know a lot of them existed! It only makes sense that this information would be taught in a music appreciation class.In the text, I was once again jealous that I did not have the preparation and mentor experience that many of the new teachers in the examples had. End of Module Reflection | A Journey Through Learning A Journey Through Learning Kirsten Farquhar's Professional Learning Site MenuSkip to content Home Standard for Provisional Registration End of Module Reflection 1 Reply Throughout this 1st semester, I have enjoyed the HWB module. Since I am a music person, I liked the frog songs page. By accomplishing all this you will have a very organized day with very minor stress. What any school needs to keep in mind is that no matter what sort of technology exists, teachers should be well-informed in how to effectively use it in their classrooms. We are published by the George Lucas Educational Foundation, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization. Including professionals gave their projects even more credibility and encouraged students to take the project seriously. Those experiences compared to this year were less than pleasant, simply because at the time, I didnt know what I was doing, and I tended to overwork myself silly. Some of the tools, such as those for ADD students, would likely benefit students without ADD, especially those who have a ton of energy. By taking this day by day approach, I will put less strain on my, In order for you to get traction on your goals, you 're going to need to take the time to really plan and track the progress of them. For instance, instead of worrying about my final GPA at the end of a semester, I will start strong at the beginning of the semester by working for the grade I strive to receive one day at a time. Furthermore, in addition to students, instructors can also benefit from the reflective learning that their students engage in. Sometimes, I have assumed that students already know what I breeze over. The tech and learning site contains all sorts of teaching tools that seem very useful. Luckie (1998), wrote for students to succeed, intelligence and motivation are not enough; students also need to understand and become aware of what they do while studying and how they can improve their study skills. This will allow you to have 5-6 minute training sessions that employees can use throughout your organization, opposed to being embedded in a larger training course. I know that it is possible to beam assignments back and forth, so perhaps there would be a way for students to beam compositions to each other? I witnessed firsthand how the technically advanced teachers were called into their coworkers rooms for technical advice and instructions. While students and teachers discuss race and equity openly at school, having regular discussions for the entire school had been challenging before, due to our bell schedule, which has no common lunches, along with students extracurricular commitments to clubs and teams. Patrick Wilson Jr., Mara Hug, and Rich Yamamoto (the same student who wrote the preceding contribution) are hosts of Discover Podcasting at the Kansas State School for the Blind. Unfortunately, because of the time we are living in right now, online learning is becoming more of a necessity if we want to keep on learning the skills that we learn in the classroom, and something tells me that due to updates in technology, online learning is going to be a lot more prevalent even after this pandemic is over. Explain how people can generally engage in reflective learning, potentially using relevant examples. A Beginners Guide to Integrating Technology. This is a good article that talks about music grants, and the different kinds and organizations that give them. After debate among our staff about the merits of synchronous versus asynchronous instruction, I turned the question to my classes in a Google Form, asking about what they preferred. I can more easily express what accommodations I need. Alternatively, its possible to view reflective learning as a notable type of reflective practice, which revolves around improving ones learning in particular. In a larger context, researchers believe it is a worthy endeavor to investigate the thinking that underlies any term or phrase that is used to initiate and frame change. I have decided I need to get up even earlier in the day to complete all my tasks. One of the high schools I worked in really focused on drop-out prevention, but did not take this personal approach that likely would have helped them. I would like to do more online learning. Tristan Fitzgerald is a 1st grade student at Fremont Elementary School, age 6: Im doing good at online learning. Students can be transported to a different place and see things that they would never be able to see in the regular classroom, and perhaps see history in the making as new things are discovered. I am learning to quickscope sniping nowadays and this the clip of my first game after a practice of around 3 hours ..#Quickscoping #Quickscope #dlq33 in Ca. Some of these changes or insights I hope to take with me into this coming school year, whatever that may look like. The Chance to Redo Assignments, School Shootings This Year: How Many and Where, The Best Advice for New Teachers, in 5 Words or Less: 2023 Edition. Students will research a famous musician and write a historical report. It takes awhile of trying a new study strategy to know if it actually works for you, so do not give up the first time you try it for any reason. It would be possible to do so in band and choir, but it would be much more difficult since we are usually preparing for concerts. Drill and practice software related to pitch-matching, as well as tutorials related to playing instruments would be the most useful to me. QuizmakerQuizmaker was easy to use until I finished the quiz. Explain how they specifically can engage in reflective learning, potentially using relevant examples. What should you do if you suspect you have a virus?Run your antivirus program ASAP. I spend lots of time at home. It almost seems too good to be true.Modeling and enforcing cyber ethics in my classroom would be simple and probably only take a few extra minutes when I am doing lesson plans. Successful time management brings you more control to your life and it will help you accomplish many task well done. A student taking a difficult course can ask themself which parts of the material they struggle with and why, in order to figure out what they should be focusing on, and how they can modify their learning to make it more effective. 1) Create a suitable and engaging learning environment using active learning. It would also tell a teacher whether or not they are truly teaching so that the students understand based on students results. Edutopia and Lucas Education Research are trademarks or registered trademarks of the George Lucas Educational Foundation in the U.S. and other countries. Tekmom for students Wikipedia Allmusic This lesson plan covers a multitude of skills. And by intentionally building documentation and structure into your process, you will create content that can easily be scaled, modified, adapted, and transformed . March 2020 June 2020; Ms. D: In March, Ms. D planned to mostly stick with her curriculum, such that all assignments stayed on the calendar. Things moved so quickly since mid-March that its been hard to stop and let everything sink in. This is why I believe few people have the ability to be a successful mentor, especially in the high school age. 1. The paper presents the importance of using modules in the language classroom to effect autonomous learning among the language learners. Playing Jeopardy before a test is a fun way to review, and having a template to use via power point is invaluable. These tests were very high stress. 5. What didnt you like about it? It is becoming increasingly obvious that what worked in classrooms 20 years ago is no longer successful, or in some cases, practical. I used the classroom overhead projector when I talked about things like musical instruments ( I was able to have their picture and then play a short audio) and to show clips pertaining to the history of rock music. Later on in the day, I enjoy just relaxing and having fun which makes for a well-balanced day. I feel that web site evaluation techniques are extremely important for students. Patrick (Freshman) loves being creative and trying anything new in technology. This site contains a wealth of information for someone just beginning to use technology in the classroom. I wandered onto the coloring pages of this site and found a lot of really good educational pages. Through Kolb's learning style questionnaire used in class by my lecturer, I realized that there are four learning styles which are; Activist, Reflector, Theorist and Pragmatist (Kolb, 1984). My sister distracts me!!! This would greatly help students who are easily distracted while on the computer, especially when doing research for a project or paper. Why do I feel that they are unhelpful? I was not aware of all of the software available on the internet, especially for music. The site is easy to use and tells students whether or not their answer was correct, but does not tell them the correct answer. It contains information that I am not yet familiar with and have bookmarked the site to review it in more detail later. Consider contributing a question to be answered in a future post. My teacher is doing Zoom meetings to teach us. I could use this idea in my music class by having students create a story based on a classical piece of music. For example, reflective learning can prompt students to generate helpful feedback that instructors can then use to improve their teaching, for instance by identifying areas where students require more thorough explanations, or by identifying teaching methods that need to be modified. An intern learning to perform various tasks at their new workplace can assess their ability to perform those tasks, so they can know which tasks they need to ask for help with. The large (masked) gatherings to protest the death of George Floyd and centuries of institutionalized racism were the first time many of us left our homes in New Jersey. In this EdWeek blog, an experiment in knowledge-gathering, Ferlazzo will address readers' questions on classroom management, ELL instruction, lesson planning, and other issues facing teachers. It is harder because of my sister. I found it very interesting that special education referrals decreased in looping classrooms.